Abandon Ship, We’re Sinking

“Abandon Ship, We’re Sinking! As the weeks of The Riverside Sessions went on the changes can be observed. The music was starting to coalesce on both the rhythmic and free-form bits and a group ‘sound’ was starting to emerge from out of the mayhem. Tentatively poking it’s head up above the ground to have a look around and try to work out what was going on. This is a compilation of moments from week 6 dated 10.5.85 and the line-up is the same as the previous weeks.” – Paul Moller

The line-up

  • Paul Moller – Guitar, Saxophone, Clarinet, Voice
  • Terry Parkinson – Bass
  • Gary Burroughs – Drums, Keyboards
  • Kevin Rudeforth – Radio, Voice

You can download ‘Abandon Ship, We’re Sinking’ from www.archive.org/details/AbandonShip