Doncha Come Down No More

“It always takes time for things to come together when group activity is involved in creative endeavours. On these compilations of the first few weeks of playing regularly at the Riverside rehearsal rooms you can hear us getting ourselves sorted out and moving forward, with a nod to the past, even if we did not know where we were going. There was an old piano frame in there and we utilised it (that’s a euphemism for ‘beat the shit out of it’) at various times. This is a compilation of weeks 4 and 5 of The Riverside Sessions (1985).” – Paul Moller

The line-up

  • Paul Moller – Guitar, Saxophone, Clarinet, Voice
  • Terry Parkinson – Bass
  • Gary Burroughs – Drums, Keyboards
  • Kevin Rudeforth – Radio, Voice

You can download ‘Doncha Come Down No More’ from