Square Of The Appalling Mobile

“This was recorded on 13.4.83 in the little room on George Street and was part of the transition period in which Mark and I decided that we wanted to play electric rock music again. We had never done it properly since we started WKDN but had done it separately in other bands beforehand. It was something there in the percussion that started an itch you just need to scratch. Chris was going to be moving and Johnny had come to the end of the line in terms of what you can do with gas cannisters. Change was always a constant factor for us whether voluntary or involuntarily, to keep us interested. I always said I would rather work in a factory than play the same songs the same way every time. I worked at the scampy factory in Whitby for 6 weeks and when I would walk in on an early shift at 6am after a skin-full the night before the stench would hit you and I would bork a few times almost puking before I got used to it. This is a recording of the quartet of Fell, Hunter, Moller and Tasker, we never did any live performances. There is a lot of tape hiss on this but once you get used to that and the sound of Taskers’ gas cannister extravaganza I believe it’s a very rewarding listen and a pointer to other parts of Katy sound later…” – Paul Moller

The line-up

  • Mark Fell – Trumpet, Whistle, Clarina, Percussion, Wobble Board
  • Paul Moller – Guitar, Saxophone, Clarinet, Radio, Voice
  • Chris Hunter – Bass
  • Johnny Tasker – Gas Cannister, Percussion, Wobble Board

The playing-order

  • Square Of The Appalling Mobile. 42:27
  • It Must Not Be Forgotten. 36:57

You can download these 2 tracks from https://archive.org/details/SquareOfTheAppallingMobile

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