It Vanishes And We Have Seen Nothing

Sometime in 1983

“The next item up for the edification of your ear-goggles is something that arrived out of serendipity when I was putting two old tapes onto my machine to clean them up and transfer to cd. I happened to play both things together and it sounded great so I thought a-ha, I can do a bit of trickery and create summat what didn’t exist before. They are both performances by the trio of Fell, Hunter, Moller recorded in the little room in early 1983. One is called It Vanishes and the date on the tape was 14/13/83 so that’s not such a greatly accurate time-fix, eh, but good enough for our porpoises nevertheless. The other is called We Have Seen Nothing and is dated ’83 so that’ll do. The whole thing is called It Vanishes And We Have Seen Nothing. This effectively makes it a double trio or phoney sextet if you will. The line-up is the same as Make Her Rainbows except there are two of each of us.” – Paul Moller

The line-up

  • Mark Fell – Trumpet, Whistle, Clarina, Wobble-Board
  • Paul Moller – Guitar, Saxophone, Clarinet, Clarina
  • Chris Hunter – Bass

The playing-order

  • It Vanishes And We Have Seen Nothing. 46:09

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