A Mato Chup Experience

24 October 1983

“Mark arranged for a guy named Gary (who later became known as Kim and had a child with Alf) to come and film us playing in the little room. He came with his girlfriend and didn’t know what to expect, they hated every single minute of it. I had played with Grant Ardis in Section 60 in 1978/79 and he’s an amazing drummer, I was trying to get him to join WKDN at the time (WOT! 3 drummers!!!) and he came along to watch. Gary got bored/pissed-off filming half way through and laid the camera down. Mark picked it up and filmed for a while then I think Gary finished it off. I thought that there was only 1 copy, which was destroyed by a nameless shite-eating-scum-sucking-she-bitch-from-hades. Amazingly another copy turned up but unfortunately an anonymous turd-gobbling-snot-dribbling-psycho-whore-from-the-pit got hold of it and that one too is gone. What we have left, however, is the soundtrack which is the only recording of the six-piece Katy to survive. It (Mato Chup Experience) was named after our silent, invisible mentor of the time who conveyed inspiration to us through etheric waves of everywhere. Chup’s the name and Chupping’s the game. It was certainly an experience for all concerned.” – Paul Moller

The line-up

  • Mark Fell – Bass, Trumpet, Clarina, Whirly-thing, Cymbals
  • Paul Moller – Guitar, Saxophone, Clarinet, Bass
  • Ian Butler – Percussion
  • Terry Parkinson – Drums
  • Kevin Rudeforth – Radio
  • Johnny Tasker – Radio

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