Let’s All Be The Billowing Gut

Recorded 1985

“This is the final performance of Mark Fell with What Katy Did Next. It was recorded during The Riverside Sessions in 1985 and is week 10 but the exact date is unknown. Mark had taken a snippet of week 5 and dubbed some vocals on it to create a song and that is what we start off with, unfortunately the vocal is almost inaudible but it is Mark singing “Let’s all be the billowing gut of an aged giraffe.” There is a great version of Pink Floyds’ Interstellar Overdrive here too. Although we hadn’t played together for about a year Mark fit right in like he’d never been away. The basic line-up is Mark Fell – vocals, guitar, trumpet, Paul Moller – guitar, saxophone, vocal, Mr. Rudeforth – radio, Terry Parkinson – bass and Gary Burroughs – drums. There was the usual swapping of instruments and for the medley of popular songs.” – Paul Moller

The line-up

  • Mark Fell – Vocals, Guitar, Trumpet, Drums
  • Paul Moller – Guitar, Saxophone, Vocal
  • Terry Parkinson – Bass, Drums
  • Gary Burroughs – Drums, Guitar, Voice
  • Kevin Rudeforth – Radio, Voice

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