Let’s All Be The Billowing Gut

Recorded 1985 “This is the final performance of Mark Fell with What Katy Did Next. It was recorded during The Riverside Sessions in 1985 and is week 10 but the exact date is unknown. Mark had taken a snippet of week 5 and dubbed some vocals on it to create a song and that is […]

C’est La Vie, C’est La Mort

“In May 1986 a policewoman came round and told me that Mark had hung himself with a rope rigged-up over the door at his flat a few days before. He had left a note for me, she had a photocopy but wouldn’t allow me to keep it. It said it was from my sidekick, my […]

The Voice Of Pan

1985 “Mark recorded The Voice Of Pan on a lo-fi tape at his flat in 1985 and I have tried to clean it up, I put some echo on it too because I think he would have probably done the same if he had the equipment.” – Paul Moller The playing-order The Voice Of Pan. […]

Lipstick Arcade

The soundtrack to Mark Fell’s film of the same name from 1985 “In 1985 while WKDN were playing nearly every week creating what shall be known as The Riverside Sessions, Mark was concentrating on his art and film-making. I always felt very fortunate to be associated with two very talented artists like Mark and Mr. […]