Lipstick Arcade

The soundtrack to Mark Fell’s film of the same name from 1985

“In 1985 while WKDN were playing nearly every week creating what shall be known as The Riverside Sessions, Mark was concentrating on his art and film-making. I always felt very fortunate to be associated with two very talented artists like Mark and Mr. Rudeforth, I tried a bit myself, mainly collage but didn’t have a lot of talent for it. My favourite of Marks’ was a collage called The Meat Is Pink, The Fat Is White and it was a collage with the title and a hunk of meat from a Sainsburys advert. On the bottom of the meat he had added an erect penis and balls from a porn mag, it was an incredibly striking image. I had a lot of his artwork but they disappeared. He made a film in 1985 called Lipstick Arcade which I still have but it has not been seen since that year. This is the soundtrack for it. I’m not sure what equipment he used but it was very primitive.” – Paul Moller

The playing-order

  • Lipstick Arcade. 21:33

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